Whose Line Is It Anyway? : Famous Improv on TV

If you’re looking for tv shows that offer up plenty of fun, you may enjoy Whose Line Is It Anyway? Watch as improv veterans take on the most challenging improv yet. You’ll delight in the hilarity of how they depict various scenes and scenarios. You’ll find yourself giving them ideas and joining in on the fun as they depict a variety of hilarious antics all meant to act out a word, phrase or scenario.

With minimal information, guests like Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady take on the persona of a variety of characters and scenes acting out hilarious actions and stunts. Watch as they attempt to help each other come up with the improv playing off of each other without really knowing what the other one is going to really do or say.Occasionally props are used and they come up with a wide array of ways to use an everyday item and visually try to explain what they are doing or using it for. Imaginative and funny you’ll be sure to enjoy a lot of laughs with this program.

Laugh as they attempt to act out a word without actually saying the word. Play along by having family members close their eyes and try to guess what the word is. This show offers up an imaginative way to express yourself.

Join in as they sing silly songs and try to guess the next line of the song or make up your own version of the song they’re singing. Musician Laura Hall plays the music for the background when they’re singing and she does a fantastic job.

Watch as they are awarded points and vote at home within your own family to see who you think should win. Every episode offers up a winner on a points system according to what they have done during the act.

The show started on August 5, 1998 and the final episode was done on December 15, 2007. A variety of comedians have been in the guest positions including Colin Mochrie, Drew Carey, host for the first 8 seasons, and more offer up their best impressions of a variety of topics.

Young and old alike will love this show. There are occasional sexual references but all in all it’s ideal for young teens and up. It’s said that if you love your job you never work a day in your life, and with this show, no one’s working, they’re all having a great time.

Why Learning Improv Is Good for Public Speaking

Communication is an important tool in any arena, but when it comes to public speaking, it can be extremely challenging. Many people lose their ability to say the things they are thinking about simply because fear suddenly takes over. Speaking in public is not just about opening your mouth and saying a few words, it is about your ability to grab and keep the attention of the people listening to you. Here are a few reasons why public speaking can be a problem for some people.

► Possibility of being judged.

► Failing to prepare.

► Criticism of self.

► Self-consciousness.

► Stress about getting the message across.

Changing Faces

One option for boosting public speaking is to introduce improv techniques to the student. The fear of being the center of attention will be immediately overshadowed as the speaker gets comfortable being in front of an audience. Confidence levels will be developed, and the speaker will increase their level of concentration. Rolling with the punches will be the new order as fear of change is replaced with adapting to circumstances. The speaker will gain the ability to observe the audience and be better equipped to respond on the fly. It will be as if their ability to act suddenly improved, and a star was born.

Focus On Self

It is difficult not to think about your own shortcomings when speaking in front of a group of people, regardless of the size. The art of improv teaches the speaker how to build a rapport with the audience and even to empathize with them. Whether the audience is a group of your peers or several strangers, the influence you wield will be considerably increased through the art of improv. Personal ego will no longer exist, and perspectives will generally change to include the opinions and reactions of the audience.

Setting A Goal

The sole purpose for speaking in a public arena is to get a message across to a group of people. Learning improv can make it easier for you to accomplish that goal.

► Your message will be delivered with strength.

► Your audience will immediately feel connected to you.

► The messages you put forth will continue after you are finished.

► Your creative juices will turn an otherwise feeble message into a bold directive.

► The entire experience will transfer from a boring lecture into a fun-filled event.

Many public speakers have already improved their public speaking abilities by learning the art of improv, are you ready to do the same?

Popularity of Local Improv Comedy Groups

The popularity of local improv comedy groups is something that is showing people want to try new things. The people in communities all over America want to have something that they can do on the side that is not going to cost them anything. People are getting a chance to laugh, and they are being given the chance to learn something that they would not have learned otherwise.

When people watch these shows on TV about improv comedy, they want to get a piece of the action that these cast members are getting when they perform in these shows. The majority of people that are trying to do these things are going to learn all about what it is like to be funny. There is something about being a funny person that has to do with improv, and there are men and women alike who enjoy being funny. This is also something that people can use to make friends or find dates. This is almost like a place where people can find a mate, and it is a place where people can make new friends.

When people are in these groups, they are going to learn quickly what they can do with their creativity. Most people do not get a chance to be creative when they are going about their daily lives, but they will be able to do this kind of creativity when they join an improv group. These groups are going to change the way that people think of how they really are. They are going to learn that they are much funnier than they think, and they will learn quickly that they can do much more than they thought when they join these groups with other people who want to learn all about the fun that is improv comedy.